50% of ALL TREK Sales thru April are being donated to BTG Community Outreach to help our hometown, Newnan, Georgia's Tornado Victim Relief Efforts


REPLACE your phone case, wallet and purse with TREK, the original crossbody + phone case + wallet, all-in-one! Simply remove any existing phone case/accessory that you are using, and place your phone in the TREK. Be sure to match your camera hole with the position of your phone. Push on all four corners until you feel your phone click all the way into your TREK case. As with any open face phone case, we do reccomend that you use a tempered glass screen protector for added protection. Next, TREK your wallet out with the flip-up i.d. window, credit cards, cash, chapstick, gum, or any of your other small essentials. Now it's time to ditch your purse and FREE YOUR HANDS! Throw on your adjustable crossbody strap, and/or chain wristlet (included) and it's time to TREK on! Never drop or lose your phone + wallet again, because you are WEARING IT!  What are you waiting for?  Adventure is calling...Answer with TREK! 


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