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TREK™ Tech Accessories was created by two besties of over 20 years: Jenna Meharg and Anna Ferguson. We have been collaborating since our 5th grade talent show (see pics for proof)…But we are MORE excited about TREK™, than anything we have ever developed! Our NEW crossbody + phone case + wallet is called TREK™, and it is going to change your life too!


We have been entrepreneurs for over a decade now, which keeps us constantly ON-THE-GO. Because of that, we have very active lifestyles with work, family, and social activities.  We found ourselves constantly looking for one of our purses, wallets, keys, phone, etc...It seemed nearly impossible to keep all of our necessary items---all in one place. But one day, we decided that there HAD to be a better way to carry all of our essentials---without feeling like we were hauling luggage everywhere...We began with a simple sketch, but spent over a year in product development to ensure that TREK™ would truly solve ALL of the issues that we had while on-the-go. AND WE DID IT!!! Now we are ready to share it with the world, so that you can FREE YOUR HANDS too!


It has been the wildest time of our lives, spreading the word about a better way to carry your phone & essentials. But we are soaking in every moment! We are so proud of this product, and we just know that you will love it too! It’s time to ditch your purse and #FREEYOURHANDS with TREK™!   We would like to shout out an extra special THANK YOU to our family, friends, and customers for all of the love and support over the years! We couldn’t do it without each and every member of our amazing tribe! Adventure is calling, answer with TREK!





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